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Terms And Conditions

 1. Every offer in the WA Pass program is made by them to the WA Pass cardholder on the Suppliers normal terms and conditions and are also subject to availability, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, must be booked direct with the Supplier and the WA Pass cardholder must present their WA Pass card or Passport to receive the benefit.

2. Each WA Pass card will only be valid for the period up to the expiry date shown on the WA Pass card or in the absence of such date till the expiry of the then current WA Pass program period.

3. Each WA Pass cardholder will have the right to utilise the sections of the WA Pass website deemed appropriate by WA Pass on the terms and conditions established by WA Pass from time to time in its complete discretion.

4. The holding of a WA Pass card is intended to provide each cardholder with benefit opportunities but in each and every case each cardholder must rely on the cardholders own enquiries in deciding whether to make any arrangement with any of the Suppliers.

5. Each WA Pass cardholder must before the Supplier enters into any arrangement with the cardholder and on each and every occasion that the cardholder uses a WA Pass card declare to the Supplier prior to making the said arrangement and prior to enjoying any of the Suppliers goods or services that the cardholder is intending to use the WA Pass card to obtain the WA Pass offer/benefit from the Supplier.

6. Every arrangement made between any cardholder and any Supplier will be a separate contract between those parties alone and WA Pass will not be a party in any way to any such arrangement.

7. WA Pass has not given nor will it give any form of guarantee or warranty in respect of any form of arrangement between any WA Pass cardholder and any Supplier.

8. WA Pass does not make any representation about the qualifications experience or expertise of any Supplier or the quality merchantability or fitness for the purpose of any quality of any goods and/or services supplied by the Supplier as a result of the Supplier being included in the WA Pass program.

9. WA Pass will use its best endeavours to encourage all of the Suppliers to at all times provide the benefit opportunities described in the Passport and the Website to WA Pass cardholders but can give no guarantee that this will in all cases happen and if it does not WA Pass shall have no liability whatsoever to the WA Pass cardholder.

10. WA Pass cardholders must comply with all dress and behavioural standards normally required by the Suppliers at all times and adhere to the Suppliers other normal trading terms and conditions and do all acts and things as may reasonably be required of them by the Supplier in order to ensure that the WA Pass cardholder receives the benefit opportunity that the Supplier has agreed to offer WA Pass cardholders.

11. The terms and conditions attached to the WA Pass card and all and sundry the details on the WA Pass Passport and Website may be amended in any way and at any time and from time to time by the Directors of WA Pass in their complete discretion and without any notice to WA Pass cardholders.

13. Every WA Pass card and Passport always remains the property of WA Pass.

14. The WA Pass card Fee is inclusive of Goods and Services Tax.

15. Any dispute between the parties shall be referred to Arbitration.

16. No loss whatsoever which may be suffered by any holder of any WA Pass card in any respect shall be claimable against WA Pass or its Directors or Shareholders to the extent to which that claimed loss shall exceed the amount actually paid by or on the WA Pass cardholders behalf to WA Pass to purchase the cardholders then current WA Pass card.